Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Piano Lessons

My very young student who learns fast is ready , after about six weeks of lessons, to learn how to subdivide a beat. I showed him what eighth notes look like, and taught him to count  them, using the method I was taught. One and two and....We practiced a few times, and then it was time to apply the new concept to a song. After trying it once, I suggested he count out loud with me , to be sure he could do it consistently no matter what kind of notes he found...half notes, whole notes, quarter notes, or eighth notes.

He paused for a minute and I quietly asked, "Is all of this in your brain yet?" (This being our code for whether he understands.)

"Well, it's in my brain, but it's making my stomach upset."

New things aren't always so easy to take in, are they, especially if you are six.

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